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The WUS-Romania in Short

The WUS-Romania was founded in July l999 in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. It is a corresponding member of the WUS-International, a non-governmental organization in over 30 countries of the world. The World University Service as such regards itself as an international community of students, university teachers and all kind of professionals in society who have pledged to promote the Human Right of Education. Insofar the WUS-Romania aims at (1) developing projects of innovative higher education, (2) organizing seminars and public information events for further education and (3) providing professional counseling, career guidance and practical assistance to students and young professionals in Romania. The WUS-Romania stands, in whatever it does, for sustaining the human rights, democracy, good governance, a free market economy and for the development of civil society in Romania. It recommends the co-operation of the universities and other institutions of higher education with public and private institutions of science, with the industry and non-governmental organizations.  It sustains the international exchange of students, young professionals and university teachers, but it insists that its members take over professional, social and personal responsibility in society. We wish to point out that the WUS-Romania is not aligned with any political parties, economical agents or religious communities and it works non-for-profit.   


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